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We provide pest control services in castle rock, CO. Now, give us a call to get rid of unwanted pests.

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We are not only eco-friendly, but our service is also safe for your children, pets, and the environment. We use only the safest products instead of harmful chemicals.

100% Guarantee Service

100% Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we provide 100% satisfactory services to all our customers. If your pest problems are not solved, we will re-service your home for FREE.

Best Service- Locally Owned

Best Service

We are locally owned and the best pest control service providers in castle rock, CO. Our trained and experienced service professionals will certainly eliminate your pest problem.



We all know that pests can be dangerous, dirty, and loud. Can you imagine all of these little critters buzzing around your home or your office? 

It’s enough to give you nightmares! Luckily, we at the Pest Control Castle Rock can help you to deal with this problem. We’re proud to be the preferred provider of pest control for hundreds of homes and businesses throughout the area. Plus, our highly trained professionals will not only eliminate your pest problem but also ensure it doesn’t come back.

Residential Pest Control Service
Commercial Pest Control Service


Pests are terrible and can cause lots of damage to your business. Our pest control service will treat your commercial space using commercial grade methods.

With over many years of experience and thousands of successful treatments, our commercial pest control service has proven to be the most result-oriented for all. We provide both pest prevention services as well as pest extermination services. Contact us today for a free quote.


We are well aware that pests get in the way of you doing the things you want to do. Like relaxing on the weekends or making dinner with your family.

That’s why we employ the best quality exterminators and offer the most comprehensive general pest control treatment plans to eliminate pests from your home or business. Do not wait. Say no to pests. Just pick up your phone and give us a call right now.

General Pest Control Service


I am really very happy with the residential pest control service provided by the team. They have used high-quality products to eliminate pests from my house. I really appreciate their efforts. They deserve 5-star rating from my side.
Sam Lones- Our Customer
Sam Lones
Lives in Castle Rock
I've been using this service for years and the results are amazing. I've used this service for all kinds of issues, from ants and roaches to rats and raccoons. They have a great customer service team. I highly recommend them.
Housewife-Customer Review
Emma Luu
I did a lot of research before hiring castle rock pest control service. They have worked their magic, and I haven't seen a bug since. Yes, I was one of those people that thought I could do my own pest control, but I was wrong. I would recommend this team to anyone.
Pest Control Customer Review
Sophia Harrison
I've called a lot of exterminators in the Castle Rock area and I've never been as satisfied as I am with these guys. The technicians are so friendly and are always ready to answer my questions. I love how they call and remind me of my upcoming appointments.
Elvira Russell
Elvira Russell
Small Business Owner

Total Rating Score: 5 of 5, based on 134 reviews.


We are a locally owned pest control company located here in Castle Rock, Colorado. We have been helping families and businesses eliminate unwanted pests for over 15 years. Pest Control Castle Rock has a full-time staff of over 100 pest control technicians. Each one of these technicians is highly trained, licensed, and equipped to handle any pest problems you have. Give Us a Call Today!

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Restaurants, Multi-family, Air Parks, Education, Retirement Communities, Auto Repair, Food Preparation, Medical Offices, Pools, Retail, and many more.

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